We are proud to introduce our company MedOstrov LLC

We are an innovative enterprise that both manufacture and distribute our products. Our company specializes in manufacturing disposable medical face masks. Thriving on our spotless reputation, high product quality, and efficiency, MedOstrov LLC has established steady cooperative relationships with numerous hospitals and pharmacies in Belarus. The company maintains a business culture of high moral integrity, responsibility, pragmatism and innovation, that shows a smooth-running development in the region.



Our product is a 3-Ply Medical Face Mask complete with all the crucial elements such as an individual packing, elastic ear loops and a malleable nose clip fitting snugly but comfortably against the side of the user’s face, which effectively wards off the bacteria.

Malleable Nose Clip
Malleable Nose Clip
Three Layers
Three Layers
Round Ear Loops
Round Ear Loops
Individually Packaged
Individually Packaged

Types of packages

A single-piece individual package
In a box of 50 (with no individual packaging) type 2
In a box of ten pieces with individual packaging per unit type 2
In a box of ten pieces with individual packaging per unit type 1


Our face masks are produced with three layers of non-woven fabric which are fairly breathable. Two outer Spunbond layers with 25 grams/m2 (gsm) in density and a middle, third layer which is the most important and is produced from Meltblown fabric with 25 grams/m2 (gsm) in density. This is the layer to ward off biological bacteria and viruses causing COVID-19. Compiled with each other, the three layers evoke prominent filtration properties that assure your ultimate safety.

  1. Outer layer SPUNBOND (FRONT) with 25 grams/m2 (gsm) in density. Efficiently blocks coarse particulates and droppings
  2. Inner layer BFE95/BFE99 MELTBLOWN with 25 grams/m2 (gsm) in density. This is the particularly essential layer to ward off bacteria and viruses of COVID-19
  3. Outer layer SPUNBOND (REAR) with 25 grams/m2 (gsm) in density. Prevents your face skin from developing inflammation and irritation, blocks the particulates accumulated by the other layers

Custom-designed packaging

We also offer brand marketing for volumes over 1,000,000 units as the possibility of applying custom-designed packaging.

Advantages of our products


We use only high quality materials
Layer 1 - Spunbond of 25 gr/m2
Layer 2- Meltblown of 25 gr/m2
Layer 3- Spunbond of 25 gr/m2


The particular composition of our mask's material enable its breathability


We manufacture in the Republic of Belarus using the latest high-quality equipment


Protective BFE95/BFE99 Meltblown layer with a high permeability coefficient


Each mask is individually packaged


The manufacturing is based on the CE 93/42/EEC guidelines and EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 standard
Our certificate Test report


The essential protective means against the coronavirus today is the medical face mask. The world standard sets particular requirements to properties and methods of testing of the medical face masks and individual respiratory organs protective devices. Here, we will take a look at the best materials for producing face masks to ultimately protect people’s lives and our nearest and dearest in particular.

SPUNBOND — is a sound non-woven fabric with a porous structure. Masks of three layers of Spunbond filtering the air by 80-92% and retain moisture well. But such a mask is not effective against bacteria and viruses.

MELTBLOWN — the most effective material for protection against viruses and bacteria today, with high hydrophilic and barrier properties, which allows it to be used in surgical masks and respirators. The density of the Meltblown according to the required standards is at least 25 grams/m2. Such material does not allow moisture to pass through, and moisture seeps thruugh the Spunbond. Meltblown provides 7-10 times better antibacterial protection.

SMS — it is the third popular material, which also contains Meltblown, but does not meet the characteristics of the required standards, since its density is from 8 to 16 grams/m2 instead of the required 25 grams/m2. Accordingly, this is reflected in the degree of protection against viruses and bacteria. Such masks cannot be classified as Medical Mask.

As a result, the maximum level of protection in three-layer masks is provided by masks, which include two layers of Spunbond with a density of at least 25 grams/m2 each and one layer of Meltblown with a density of at least 25 grams/m2. Only such masks provide 95-99% protection against germs, bacteria and viruses. In addition, a mask made from the proper Meltblown fabric is much softer and more comfortable to wear.

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